I am sure you will agree that if there is one thing that I am sick and tired of hearing is that 'vaxx-passports' are an inevitability especially when this comes from people supposedly on our side.

I can say to you right now that 100% we will not have Vaxx-Passports in this country and I am prepared to roll the dice and say we will not be having them internationally either as they are discriminatory & unworkable. The good news is that it's not just me that is saying it even the W.H.O has come out against these both at a national and international level saying they are not viable at this time! 

Once again thanks to your hard work and polite emails we have scored another MASSIVE victory for common sense! It was brought to my attention that the Echo Hotel Music Club in Basingstoke was asking for evidence of vaccination to gain entry to upcoming concerts in the Autumn.

Using the publicly available contact number I politely told them this was discriminatory on a number of levels. Many of you then answered the call on social media to lobby them and lo and behold they have now suspended ticket sales and I am certain they will drop this requirement when they go on resale. Please go to their Facebook page by clicking the link and congratulating them on their decision and that we will support any business that says NO to medical apartheid: https://www.facebook.com/echohotelmusichook!

So as things stand we have some ridiculous show trials coming up at the Crucible in Sheffield and also at Wembley. I will put out details next week but I will be there myself and we need as many as you out as possible for a 'Covid-safe' demonstration to let these venues and people know that we will not tolerate segregationist policies, more to follow on details etc. Just simply keep saying to people if you are against racial apartheid how can you possibly be for medical apartheid?! Likewise that means if they are for medical apartheid then they are obviously for racial apartheid as well, surely a terminal decision for any organisation? If they want to play this game we will play back even harder.

It is vitally important that you join us on Telegram by CLICKING HERE now and you may have seen Edwina Currie's absolutely sickening comments over medical discrimination so we have added her publicly available contact details there if you want to politely tell her that the views she holds are not acceptable in 2021. Likewise if Edwina Currie does get any speaking engagements we become aware of we will lobby any venue hosting it or any business enabling it to let them know they are facilitating a medical bigot. Nobody in 2021 would be given a platform to advocate for racial discrimination and treating other people as sub-humans so why should Edwina Currie be allowed to spew her hate filled rants?

Just like the fight against apartheid in South Africa we will make it our mission to boycott and pressure any business that chooses to go down this route. This applies to any additional business/supplier that aids and abets this discrimination, we will hold them equally as responsible for facilitating it. 

Once again I promise you Simone if we all work together, hard and smart, then will have no 'vaxx-passports' in this country and no more lockdowns as well. This campaign is only just beginning and we have already done so much winning that momentum is UNSTOPPABLE! 

All the best!

David Clews

P.S. We receive hundreds of e-mail a day we try our best to read but please understand if I am unable to reply


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David Clews


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