Firstly can I say a massive congratulations once again to everyone who was out demonstrating in London and in other places across the UK. Once again the MSM totally ignored one of the largest gatherings over the past few years and their silence is complicity. The fact is that we no longer have a free press in this country when they are incapable of reporting facts. As you can see below the BBC website discusses hundreds of people out for Belarus and thousands in Brazil but not the HUNDREDS of thousands our nations capital!

Whilst I think the marches at the weekends have been fantastic in gathering support and boosting morale they are not getting the attention they need or deserve. We need to now start taking more direct action and to that end I have been liaising with other groups and we have decided that Monday the 21st of June represents an extremely significant day. This has been labelled as freedom day by the Government and it looks more and more likely that they are backtracking on this. Even if they do go ahead the Coronavirus act 2020 still remains in place and we need to let them know this is unacceptable. If we could get 25,000 to 50,000 outside Parliament on a weekday the media and the politicians wouldn't be able to ignore us.

I am also liaising with people in Scotland, Cardiff & Northern Ireland to suggest demonstrations outside the devolved parliaments as well.

I will be in attendance all day on the 21st so this is to give everyone plenty of notice to take the day off and join me and others to make some serious noise! Of course it is a trek or if you are unable to come along please spread the word on social media and this is a massive help! 

We want to have plenty of posters etc for the day as well as continuing to send out more starter packs so we will be doing some special fundraising shows over the next couple of weeks. The MSM and state are now behaving like a wounded animal lashing out and becoming increasingly hysterical, this proves to me that we are on the verge of winning!

Join me tonight live from 7pm for a full review of the day here:

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David Clews


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