Firstly can I just say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone who contributed to the three days of action outside Parliament. To all those who donated to make this happen, took to the streets or were active on social media spreading the word it made a MASSIVE impact! Across Telegram, Twitter & Facebook we estimate our images and footage from yesterday has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people whilst driving round London yesterday in our open top bus tens of thousands of people would have seen this and shared images on social media.

It really does show what can be achieved on a small budget of a few thousand pounds with a powerful and well delivered message! To put this in perspective campaign groups and political parties have budgets of hundreds of thousands if not millions and most of the time the money is blown on big salaries and nonsense but because we care it's all about getting the word out! 

You can watch all our videos and updates from yesterday here on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook. 

It was also an excellent opportunity to speak with many others involved in the struggle and we are all working on a clear plan moving forward. If you have emailed me recently and I have been unable to reply please don't get too down as I have so many to reply to. Likewise I know people are frustrated with numbers turning up, none more so than myself, but they key thing is that once again we have proven that we can put on an event and do what we say we will do. Likewise some of you weren't able to get on the bus yesterday but I wanted to try and keep things under wraps lest the Police get involved but thankfully on the day everything passed without incident but don't worry we will be doing plenty more in the future! 

So where do we go from here? We just need to keep fighting and fighting smart so to that end many of us in the movement will be doing more localised outreach to ensure that as many of the areas of the UK are able to assemble. Our next event will be in Cardiff on Saturday the 7th of August outside the Welsh Parliament and then I will be speaking in Glasgow on the 14th of August. The 28th of August will see me go up to Inverness to mobilise volunteers up there and then I plan on doing another local event in September. My advice moving forward is that we then need to have a big presence outside Parliament when the politicians return from their 6 week jolly in September. We need to let them hear some noise and let them know if they are going to disrupt our working lives they should face the same! 

As ever we gave out plenty of posters, t-shirts, cards etc as well as our big banners so we will be doing a big fundraising drive over the next couple of weeks to see us in to the Autumn as well as getting more leaflets and posters out to volunteer teams.


The most pleasing aspect of yesterday was that the vast majority of people as we drove around London were supportive of our messages and there was loads of horns pumping in support. Unlike last year when the masses were still in thrall to the propaganda I really think we have turned the corner. People are sick and tired of this nonsense but its getting them mobilised into action that is the hard part!

Thanks again for all your support,



David Clews


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