You may have seen some of my videos from the last few days and being completely honest with you I am not a happy man. I am proud of all the work and actions achieved by so many of you but I remain completely repulsed by the media and ruling regime. 

Newcastle at the weekend was fantastic and it was a pleasure to meet so many of you there. Please click the image above to watch my speech from the event and a huge well done to everyone who spoke and took part.

The legal system in this country is sadly totally corrupt and out of control. However we still have to keep ourselves right and I am delighted that the Concern Charity that we have been supporting for their legal challenge has now appointed top QC Jeremy Hyam who did an incredible job in the Keira Bell vs Tavistock Case. We will keep you updated further on this when it does go to court.

I want this to all end just as badly as you do Rita but the brutal truth is that we do not have the numbers just now and are fighting against an overwhelming superior force. The BBC has an operating budget in their news division annually of £1 Billion, at UNN we turnover around 100k. Not only do we have to deal with the BBC but now the ENTIRE MSM/Big Tech apparatus battling against us and deplatforming us all at every step. This is why we must box clever and is why our Yellow Boards campaign and leafletting have achieved so much on a tiny budget thanks to our army of volunteers! 

Our nationwide cease and desist campaign for schools has been fantastic and we still have about 10,000 extra leaflets to go out so if you would like a big box to distribute amongst your groups or at stand in the park etc please email my colleague Darren on [email protected] and we will get these out to you at no cost.




The horrible reality is that these jabs will soon be rolled out to 9-12 year olds then eventually babies and even straight into the wombs of pregnant mothers. Many of you have asked for leaflets to be able to give out to parents to help them make an informed choice so I am pleased to say we are making up another 100,000 leaflets and I will email on Thursday/Friday with instructions on how these will be sent out as well as templates if you want to print off yourselves. As ever thanks to the continued generosity of people who donate and volunteer we will get all of these distributed ASAP.

This truly is a dark time for us all but we must keep going and if you haven't already follow us here on Telegram where we update you  regularly:

On tomorrow night's show I will be joined by Anna De Buisseret and then a nurse whistleblower so please be sure to tune in from 20:00 on

My tour around the UK to empower local areas that haven't seen so much activity will continue and I am delighted to say that on the 23rd of October I will be coming to Llandudno in North Wales and likewise I will be doing an event in Plymouth as well with a date announced in due course. 

An amazing event has also been scheduled for Friday in London to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Australia, I will try to come along but if you live in London or surrounding please do your best to get out there.

I also make a promise to you right now and that is I will NEVER take any experimental medical treatment to allow me to live my everyday life, will NEVER have a 'vaxx-passport' to go anywhere and NEVER take any test to allow me to travel or go anywhere. Now I understand that might not be possible for all of you and I will not judge or attack you if you have to but as someone with a prominent role I have to practice what I preach.

There is one thing however I will NOT forgive you for and that is if you pay for your TV Licence or support the MSM. Right now you have to cancel supporting this propaganda, this really is a line in the sand for us all. If you pay for your licence fee you are funding the coercion of children. Take action NOW and cancel your TV Licence!

The fight continues until the last of us stands! 


David Clews


David Clews


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