It really is simple, moving forward on the 21st of June we take back our freedoms! We have been encouraging everyone to take action over this and it is so important we all get into the mindset that it is not the state and the MSM's right to decide whether or not we are free. As you can see above we have some absolutely fantastic new posters printed for our rally outside Parliament on the 21st of June and I hope as many of you are able to come along as possible to join me from 11am.

The whole purpose of our campaign has been to mobilise people and provide them quality campaign materials such as posters, stickers and leaflets as well as getting out on the streets. This is real grassroots campaigning and nothing fancy, we have never promised a miracle solution to these problems but we have had huge success in getting people to cancel their TV licences as well as people out on the streets. To that end we have just purchased over 1000 posters for the rally on the 21st of June as well as half a million more leaflets we are sending out in starter packs. Every penny we receive goes to direct campaigning and is not wasted on frivolous nonsense.

Over the next week we want to be able to pay to get even more things and also starter packs out of leaflets, stickers, posters etc and we have about 250 people looking for one so that comes to just over £2750! To that end we have created some fantastic fridge magnets as well as quality wrist bands as a special thanks so any donation over £10 will get a couple of wrist bands and fridge magnets whilst anything £25 or over will get a mug as well as magnets and wristbands and all of these are made directly here in the UK! Many of you have donated over the last few days so don't feel pressured to do so again as we have a note and will get yours out to you ASAP!

We also fully understand that many people are struggling just now and this is why anyone that has asked for something we have always done our best to give these out at no cost thanks to the generosity of our donors. So please if you can chip in we will get your goods out to you ASAP and as ever please keep spreading the message as best as you can! 

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All the best,


David Clews

David Clews


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