IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Well done to the Echo Hotel & Music Club for suspending sales to their event and we will be keeping a close eye out for when they come back online they are open for everyone regardless of health status!


We are absolutely shocked that it appears the Echo Hotel in Basingstoke is prepared to make providing evidence of Covid Vaccination a requirement to attend events. I phoned them and confirmed if even if someone is unable to take a vaccination on health grounds they will be refused entry. I am sure this is just a mistake on the part of the owner who doesn't realise the myriad of laws they are breaking on this.


Can you please politely get in touch and say medical apartheid is unacceptable in 2021? 

[email protected] is the publicly available contact details 

Their Facebook page is here:

Please let people know in the comments that you will not frequent, support or enable an organisation that facilitates medical apartheid.

Their website is here:

We trust that they will come to their senses and remove these discriminatory requirements.


David Clews


No More Lockdowns!