The time has come where we all must do what we can! We have been updating our social media channels with information on those who are supporting medical apartheid such as Harlequins Rugby Club and others who are prepared to discriminate on health grounds. I will shortly be publishing my speaking events over the next couple of months and I look forward to seeing as many of you out and about as possible.

This Saturday is one of the most important events coming up and if you are able to physically and financially get down to Central London I would encourage you to do so. We have volunteers on hand to give out posters and leaflets so we hope to see plenty of these on the day. For more information on Saturday and which telegram groups to follow please click here now.

If you are unable to attend I will be broadcasting live from the UNN Studios to ensure that this event gets as much coverage as possible on both YouTube (despite me hating it for the censorship but we need to spread the message) and also Dlive so be sure to join me there from about 12:45.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported the first stage of our campaign and we have something special planned for Saturday thanks to your support and we hope it will make it an impact right outside the PM's door!

I have to keep being honest with you David. Many people out there are pinning their hopes for this to be miraculously solved through a court case or some other means. The truth is that you are the answer to the problem and you alone. The MSM and Global Powers will tell you that you are weak and that you have to do what you are told. I am saying that you have the power and you have the answers, you just have to make sure you always do that bit extra for the cause that you are physically able to such as sending those e-mails, commenting on posts, attending rallies and speaking to friends and family. 

We have now processed nearly all of our orders for clothing and badges with all monies going towards the campaign so if you want to get yourself a badge and support us please click below now:


Over the next few weeks and months we as a nation need to decide whether we are prepared to live on our knees or hold our heads high. You have the chance to be on the right side of history and humanity.... be the change you want! 

Onwards to victory!

David Clews


PS. We get hundreds if not thousands of emails some days so please don't be upset if I can't get back to you! :)

David Clews


No More Lockdowns!