On Tuesday the Welsh Parliament voted to implement Vaxx Passports after a 'technical glitch' stopped Tory MS Gareth Davies from casting his vote. I IMMEDIATELY said that this was absolute garbage and it was in fact RIGGED!

What amazed me once again was that so many on our side continue to fall for the lies that this was just a technical error! I said he could easily have voted by phone or the Tory opposition group could have called for a standing order to abandon the vote for a later date.


In fairness to Wales Online they are actually doing some proper investigative work and they got a politician to go on record and say: "He was given a phone number to inform the Llywydd of his voting intention but he never made the call and that's why we're all scratching our heads wondering why he is blaming IT when he didn't make the phone call."

What Davies and the Tories are relying on is that we are dumb and won't look into things, well we most certainly are not stupid and this is TOTAL Corruption.

Davies was attending the Tory Conference when this vote happened, it has now been confirmed he could have cast his vote by telephone. I am happy to PUBLICLY state that Gareth Davies is a corrupt politician who was given orders not to vote in order to allow this to pass. If I am wrong let him sue me for libel.

What has happened subsequently to add even more credence to this is the fact that both Plaid and the Tory oppositions have NOT called for a revote and accepted the vote when they actually have the ability to call for another vote which would cause Vaxx Passports to fall!

People need to understand ALL parties are in this together, they HAD to be voted in across Scotland and Wales to allow them to be introduced in England! This is the kind of thing that happens in a BANANA REPUBLIC which is fast what the UK is becoming.

Please everyone email Gareth Davies right now and call him out for the fraud he is and DEMAND answers: [email protected]


A very angry David Clews

David Clews


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