Hopefully you will have seen all my videos from yesterday's demonstration outside Parliament, if not you can catch up with them all here on telegram.

As per usual there was next to no coverage from the MSM of this but I did appear on an RT segment that you can watch here from 2:16. 

Firstly can I just say a massive thanks to everyone who came out on what was an extremely wet day and stood their ground in the face of extreme Police brutality and bullying like behaviour. Likewise a huge thanks to all our very generous donors and shoppers who allowed us to be able to hand out posters, t-shirts and stickers galore to those in attendance. We will hopefully have everyone who donated recently their mugs etc and wristbands out by the end of this week as well as all of those who asked for starter packs and leaflets.

On Friday you night you had tens of thousands of Scottish football fans urinating in the streets, destroying flower beds, exposing themselves and pouring beer over the Police but this was all just 'banter'.

We have a few thousand well behaved and good nature freedom fighters out on a pouring wet day and we are faced with kettling, TSG snatch squads, riot vans and Police Horses! This just shows that in the eyes of the Met, which is a political police force, we are the lowest of the low and they are ordered to treat us with total disdain.

The turnout wasn't as many as I hoped for but we caused a great deal of peaceful disruption and politely challenged many ministers and MP's on their way in to parliament in a fair but assertive way as well as plenty of singing for the arrest of Matt Hancock and others! Ministerial cars have tinted windows at the back and they were unable to enter the main entrance of Parliament and they were told in no uncertain terms we are not happy! 

Whilst I am fully supportive of the big march this Saturday in London I do think moving forward our time and resources will need to be used for more local events and also to ensure they cannot be ignored by the powers that be.

These big events are great for a morale booster but we need to get in a position where those behind this charade see and hear that we are not putting up with this anymore. If we had 25,000 outside Parliament this would have made a far more significant impact yesterday and I will be liaising with others in relation to more targeted demonstrations moving forward such as for PMQ's or major vote dates and also outside the devolved parliament's as well. Likewise campaigning outside MP's constituency offices is a good idea. 

We all want this to end as quickly as possible but as liar Johnson said yesterday he cannot rule out using lockdowns in the winter to deal with the flu season and we are already seeing the groundwork laid for the NHS being unable to cope.

When you are around Westminster you can smell and see the arrogance of this in that cesspit and their enablers in the MSM. Never forget that we are in charge and they answer to us not the other way around. 

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