There is a hashtag on social media called #scummedia of course this not particularly pleasant but let's be realistic the coverage now from the MSM is aptly described by this.

You may have seen us exposing the vitriol being spouted by Sarah Vine, wife of Michael Gove, Dan Hodges, Shelagh Fogerty and so many more. The lanuage they are using is inflammatory, discriminatory and downright dangerous. Liekwise they are hardly pictures of health themselves so it really is somewhat hypocritical of them.

Now I talk about difficult issues on my show around culture and social cohesion but I would NEVER demonise an entire group of people for making personal choices or attack them like this, no decent person would.

What is going on is so obvious as well in that they have been given the nod by the Government to go out and viscerally attack those making perfectly valid health choices. I do not say this lightly but this is what happens in fascist and totalitarian states.

The good news is that we will not sit back and tolerate these gutter snipes. I have challenged all of them to have the guts to come on my show and publicly air their views and of course there has been no answer. It is so important we continue to call out this apartheid and discrimination wherever we see it and stand up for the rights of the marginalised. 

I can now confirm the venue for meeting on Saturday and the rally will start outside The Baltic Centre in Gateshead at 2pm and we will then go for a wee walk! This is absolutely fantastic for all of you in the North East to come along and meet friends and family so I hope to see as many of you there as possible! We will be bringing posters, banners, balloons and more for a carnival atmosphere. Likewise a shout out to the event in Glasgow on Saturday in George Square at 12pm so please get along there if you can.

We have been working our way through all the starter packs needing done and have a backlog of about 150 to go out which our volunteers will do over the next few days so please be patient! To post these out costs £5.30 and a poster is £1 each and stickers are £0.95 + leaflets so the total for each pack going out is just over £10, they really are top quality and very striking. We can only keep sending them out if people chip in to help and we are extremely gratefully for all the generosity shown. If you are able to chip in below or buy a badge/merchandise it means we can keep sending these out to all the people out there campaigning and even more. Our team will also be down at the big march in London on the 29th handing these out as well. We will be doing another fundraising drive on a special show so please keep an eye out for this!

The regime is now behaving like a wounded animal lashing out. They know the narrative is crumbling and as a good friend said to me earlier that nobody is going to their side but all the traffic is coming to ours. We just need to keep up the pressure and one day the floodgates to freedom will open!

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David Clews


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