You may have seen my video yesterday on this absolute charade. For years the media despised Dominic Cummings, demanded he be sacked for Barnard Castle etc. Now he is singing to their tune like a canary they love him. Cummings came across as a complete psychopath calling for totalitarian control, stricter & harsher lockdowns etc and the media LOVED IT!

Instead of exposing the truth about what is really going on they are setting the narrative that lockdowns are the way to deal with everything and the state must assume all responsibilites for its citizens. I also couldn't believe the comments of the complete nonentity Matt Hancock who said in response to his criticisms that he was 'too busy saving lives'. The last time I looked Hancock wasn't God and neither are these criminals running this country. The narcissism of these people and messiah like complexes truly cannot be underestimated!

The wider public have been so dumbed down and battered with propaganda they actually believe this garbage that the state and these big pharma shills actually care for them and know what is best for them.

My colleague Oliver Down will be going to London on Saturday to hand out plenty of flags for the big march and I hope as many of you as possible can get along (details are usually announced on the day but being at Hyde Parl/Speakers Corner from 12:30 is a safe bet). If you are unable to attend or it is too far I will be covering it in the UNN Studios and you can watch the full coverage from 12:30pm on

If you have been watching my shows recently you may have detected my growing despair at the fact more and more people in prominent positions are not speaking out whilst a great deal of the public blindly follows along with the insanity. However, this fight is too important to give up on. The despicable lizard creature Jeremy Hunt and his pushing for 12 year olds to get experimental vaccines really should be a wake up call to all of us that we cannot give in.

It is looking more and more likely that the 21st of June will not be the day of freedom many people hoped for. Our community has shown that we are prepared to make a stand, the question is whether more will have the courage to do what it takes.

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David Clews








David Clews


No More Lockdowns!