The BBC is a propaganda outlet funded by people across the UK. If you still pay the TV Licence then you are paying for propaganda it is so important that right now you go and CANCEL your TV Licence which you can do so by clicking here. You can also cancel your Direct Debit's now. 

This was the BBC's response to my claim that their 'disinformation unit' broke their own social media rules:

Thank you for getting in touch about the BBC’s coverage of the anti-lockdown 'Unite for Freedom' protest which took place in London on the 24th April.

Some readers have contacted us to object to tweets on the day from members of our anti-Disinformation team which, when characterising the protests, noted how they had been “predominately organised in Telegram channels promoting conspiracy theories about vaccines and pandemic”.

In subsequent tweets the team also highlighted people in attendance who mentioned conspiracy theories or false claims about Covid-19, included pictures of placards and leaflets from the protest which illustrated this and disputed a claim on Twitter that “hundreds of thousands” of people were marching.

These are perfectly valid observations for our journalists to make, concerning what they saw at the protests and supported by approximately a dozen interviews they conducted on the day.

While those in attendance comprised a loose group of various beliefs and theories, albeit united in their belief that they are not being told the “real truth,” the team stand by their tweets, which rightly conveyed to readers that conspiracy theories are at the centre of this protest and the wider movement.

Thank you once again for getting in touch.

Kind regards,

BBC Complaints Team
David Clews


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