Depending on your age you remember the film The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenneger. As a child of the 80s I grew up with this and many other films warning, or perhaps preparing us, for a dystopian world. The main crux of The Running Man was that everything you saw on the television or in the media was a lie to prop up an illicit regime. I vividly remember thinking how frightening it would be to have a regime and media that could lie to you like this and make innocent people look guilty. Sadly we are now living in this dystopian nightmare and the BBC is at the root of this.

Many of you will have had standard replies to our complaints about the bias shown by BBC Journalists over the massive demo in Central London. It is clear that they broke all of their own rules yet still they doubled down on their lies. Some of you may not have seen the naked bias up close like this but hopefully you will have now.

It is of the utmost importance that you CANCEL your TV Licence if you haven't already which you can do so by clicking here now. You should also cancel your Direct Debits if you have one, please do not be scared as they need to physically prove you watch live television. Even as a matter of principal why would you pay to be treated like dirt and openly lied about?

On a more positive note I am delighted to say that I will be heading down to Manchester on the 15th of May for the nationwide demonstrations whilst I will be speaking at a Newcastle rally on the 22nd and we need as many of you in the North East to come along as possible as there hasn't really been anything big up there yet. The 29th will then be the next major London event. 

We still have a big backlog in getting starter packs of leaflets/posters etc out but thankfully some volunteers have stepped forward so we will be ramping this up. The No Vaxx Passports badges will also be back in this week and we will get through the backlog of these as well.

Hopefully you have been catching my live shows as we have had some truly amazing conversations recently and tonight Dr Niall McCrae and also Gruff Meredith from No More Lockdowns Wales willl be on so please be sure to tune in exclusively on Dlive here. 

If you are wanting to buy badges, t-shirts, fleeces etc for the upcoming weekends of action then please click below and get yours now. All profits made go towards the campaign and it is a great way of supporting the campaign and getting something for yourself. If you are struggling at the moment financially but would like a t-shirt or fleece as you are actively campaigning please email [email protected] and we will see what we can do. 



Sorry if you have e-mailed me and I have been unable to reply but I still have a pretty hefty backlog to get through. As ever let's keep the momentum up over the next few weeks and we will win our fight for freedom.





David Clews


No More Lockdowns!