Hello everyone,

We are in the midst of an information war and one where any legitimate debate and discussion is suppressed by the MSM. For many people on social media there was an initial sigh of relief when GB News was launched with many thinking finally that it would provide real news or at least give respect to other points of view. However increasingly they have been going on a massive offensive against those they deem to be 'cranks'. One Journalist in particular, Tom Harwood, has been at the forefront of this as you can see below:

As you can see we have responded to this and Tom has then come back with what he says as 'evidence' for his claims. We have then invited him on to the show to discuss his views. In my opinion this is really very important, those of us with different views are being maligned and attacked from all aspects of the establishment and we can no longer sit back and accept this.

What I need you all to do is click below and comment that Tom should really take part in this and let's be nice to start with...


David Clews


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