Can I just say a huge thanks for all the kind messages that I have received and I am sorry if I have been unable to personally reply.

So on Saturday night after being held in solitary confinement for 8 hours I was presented with my bail conditions which included me being banned from attending or facilitating any demonstrations in Scotland. Now in order for me to have disputed them it would have required remaining in Police custody until I could get before a judge and the way the justice system is in this country who knows how long it could have taken. So after speaking with my solicitor we felt the best decision was to get me out of custody and back fighting as the ridiculous thing about these bail restrictions is that I can speak and campaign anywhere else in the UK! It is now pretty obvious why I was targeted for arrest and it stinks. 

Now on tonight's show on I am going to be joined by another activist and we can confirm that Sturgeon's security apparatus are now actively filming, monitoring and visiting activists in their home as part of a wider strategy to silence us. This is 100% political and Sturgeon is now following the Trudeau playbook. There were 5 others arrested with me on the day and I am in touch with them and we will stand by them.

However, the battle rages on and I am delighted that I will be speaking at an event in Beverley on the 15th of March and you can register for this event by Clicking Here Now. 

On the 19th I will speaking at the World Wide Rally for Freedom in Norwich then on the 26th a massive Scotland and England Unite rally in Carlisle.

In the meantime can I just say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has volunteered to get our leaflets out as well as those who have donated to help with printing and postage costs in our campaign against jabs for 5 to 11 year olds. We have over 150,000 leaflets going out this week so if you have asked for them they will be out within the next 7 working days. This will lead up to a massive day of action on the 12th of March and we need you to play your part. 

Thanks to all our donors we are sending banners and posters to teams across the UK and on the 12th we are encouraging everyone to get out on bridges and with yellow boards and banners as part of a National Day of Action. We are liaising with the Rebels on Roundabouts and Rebels on Bridges team and the Together campaign and many more to get as much support for this as possible. So what we will do is get all our leaflets out and then in the next 10 days or so we will be in a position to start sending out posters. If you are unable to get out on the day all we ask is you play your part on social media supporting the campaign by sharing images and this is a massive help.

So as ever we have a great deal to be cracking on with and hopefully I will stay out of custody as this really is such an important time that we can make sure no parent gives this jab to their young children!

Kind Regards,


David Clews



David Clews


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