Now is not the time to remain silent on the big issues. From the outset we have been 100% opposed to lockdowns, vaxx passports and also medical coercion. Perhaps the most nefarious and sickening out of all of this has been the removal of parental responsibility by the state to allow 16 and 17 year olds to take the experimental Gene Therapy without permission and if they can get away with it 12 year old plus and even 5 year old plus will be next. 

UPDATE- If you have ordered or requested Child Vaxx Exemption cards please bear with us as we have a backlog but these will all be out ASAP as will all Yellow Boards! 

Thanks to a magnificent team effort between us, The Light Newspaper, The Great Reopening & Rebels on Roundabouts we now have an INCREDIBLE 70 sets of Yellow Boards on order with the printer, who is a supporter and has been working 24/7, with the majority of them dispatched and teams currently active across the entire UK. 

We estimate that each team out for an hour in a busy area will see 2000 cars pass by so our target is now 100 sets across the UK as well as many others making their own banners up as well. This would work out about 200,000 views per hour and as you can see above from Torquay and Milton Keynes it is making a big impact already. Likewise as you can see below the footage and images are going viral across social media so no one can ignore these yellow boards now. 40,000 views on our twitter post alone. 

The standard cost per set inc. delivery is £150 but not everyone can afford this so any extra donations mean that it subsidises other teams and for the next week we will be asking you to contribute so if you can please chip in below now! 


The next thing that is so important is that you have Child Exemption cards for your kids as you can see below if you believe they would help, we have just placed an order for an additional 10,000 of these and you can see our latest invoice below:



You are welcome to print these off and use/distribute and we give these out for free at all our rallies and if you are struggling financially you can email [email protected] with your name address and quantity and we will get out ASAP. Alternatively you can click below and buy some with any money we make allowing us to buy more to give out for free!


We also note with interests that protestors have stormed the offices of the Daily Mail and ITN studios, it appears that things are really starting to heat up! 

Kind Regards,


David Clews

David Clews


No More Lockdowns!