Some of you will know me from UNN but for others you will be more familiar with our No More Lockdowns campaign. We established UNN over 3 years ago as an alternative media organisation to the dross pumped out by the MSM and had fantastic success reaching over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and reaching millions of people there.

When the world changed last year we were always questioning the official narrative around Covid19 and like UK Column and other media organisations we faced massive attacks on our work resulting in us being demonetised and censored. At the beginning of the year we felt just having a media arm was not enough and we had to mobilise people so we formed the No More Lockdowns campaign. As you will be aware it has been a massive success and we have had numerous rallies and sent out tens of thousands of posters and leaflets and created a fantastic community in opposition to this totalitarianism. As a result of this we have been targeted extensively and have now been permanently banned from YouTube with 3 years worth of shows and videos removed in the blink of an eye. As you can see below, Imran Ahmed of 'the Centre for Countering Digital Hate' has taken credit for this:

For those of you who watch our shows or know me have you ever heard any racism or misinformation, am I a toxic individual? This group and individual regularly appears on the MSM and is extremely supportive of big pharma companies and globalist bodies such as the W.H.O and others as well as the Channel 4 documentary the other night. They were also involved in a number of other deplatformings of those who question the narrative. This organisation is certainly not funded by everyday people, they provide no disclosure around them yet they wield all of this influence. The system is RIGGED!

On last night's show we had an NHS whistle-blower on with over 1700 people watching on .  Imagine how many people we would have been able to reach on all the main platforms and without censorship? This is being deliberately done to silence and oppress those seeking the truth. Big tech and the MSM are deciding that you are incapable of making up your own mind and only approved content is allowed. This has also come up about when we reported the facts o the 'vaccination' programme and the numerous concerns people have as well as the medical side effects of them being covered up. We use to look at countries like North Korea and laugh, now we are living in such a society and the next step is re education camps and worse. 

When all is said and done we are on the right side of history here and I would rather have the support of the people than these disgusting blood sucking big corporations and their lackies on the MSM and the establishment.

The direction of travel in the Western World is not a good one. The values of tolerance, debate and open dialogue are being eroded before our very eyes but I can assure you we will not just sit back and be silenced. 

We have received hundreds of messages of support so I am sorry if I am unable to reply personally but we really appreciate it.

Kind Regards,

David Clews



David Clews


No More Lockdowns!