Firstly on behalf of all our team can I just say an absolutely MASSIVE thanks to everyone who has contributed over the last couple of days and bought from our online shop. We have now placed an order for another 1000 stickers and 1000 posters and we can get even more starter packs out so people can put these up in their windows and leaflet their local areas/hand out to family & friends. If you want one please email [email protected] and our team of volunteers will send you one out.

On a less upbeat note you may have seen today that SAGE are concerned about 'The Indian Variant' and that restrictions may not be able to be eased on the 21st of June. I am neither a scientist or an 'expert' but I can tell you one thing for sure that this is absolute NONSENSE! The only thing we need to be concerned about are the unelected dictators Whitty & Vallance and their team of psychologists and general psychopaths! Never again can these unelected bureaucrats, totally bought and paid for by special interest, be allowed into positions of influence. 

I cannot wait to head down to Manchester this weekend and I know that many of you will be attending other demonstrations across the UK. I will be at Picadilly Gardens from 12:30pm on Saturday along with members of the NML Team and we will have plenty of posters/leaflets/airhorns and even some fleeces etc to give away so I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible, please come up and say hello and we can shake hands! I will then be in Newcastle next weekend and then covering the big one in London on the 29th.

It is glaringly obvious that the regime is not prepared to give us back our freedoms therefore we all must take them back RIGHT NOW!

I will mostly be updating Telegram with pictures and videos so it is essential you create an account and follow us by Clicking Here Now.

All the best,




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David Clews


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