Once again I am absolutely FUMING and this time it is not against Grant Shapps or the regime. I am angry at all the people supposedly on our side saying well we told you so NHS App vaxx passports going to happen now blah blah blah!

They keep forgetting that we, the people, hold the power. So how do we oppose this? We withdraw our consent, if you have the NHS App on your phone remove it immediately. If a venue you use requires you to use it boycott them and leave them a bad review. If you see anyone on social media or any MSM articles supporting it let them know what you really think in the comments.

The travel industry is already on its knees and this is certainly not going to help, there will be plenty of open and inclusive countries to welcome us and if this means boycotts of entire countries who enforce medical apartheid then so be it! We will win this if we all speak with one voice! 

So some important points around the campaign. Tonight, London Assembly Member David Kurten will be joining the show from 20:15 so you can watch this by clicking here.

David Vance of AltNewsMedia will then be coming on and David has many friends in India so we look forward to hearing what he has to say about what is really going on there. 

I will then be speaking outside Holyrood in Edinburgh this Saturday with the event starting at 12pm so if any of you are able to come along I look forward to seeing you there.

From what I have seen so far the 15th of May is set to be a series of events in towns and cities across the UK where hopefully we can get as many people out as possible. We have sent out over 1000 starter packs to volunteers meaning people will have plenty of leaflets/posters etc and I will also attend one and will let you all know where nearer the time. We do have a small backlog on these starter packs as so many people have asked for them but we are working our way through these as quickly as possible before we ask for people who want more out so please be patient :)

It then appears the 29th of May will be the next big gathering in London which again we will support 100%!

We also have a small backlog on our No Vaxx Passports badges as well so we are getting more made up but these should also be out in the next fortnight! 

So what can you do to help!

1- Fight the social media battle! Keep liking, sharing, commenting on all our posts and those against this nonsense while letting others who are anti-freedom know, politely, how we really feel.

2- If you are physically & financially able to get along to any local or national demonstrations/meet ups. Please try your best to get there as it really is wonderful to meet up and share the experience with people of a like mind.

3- Have the awkward conversations with people! All I hear when I talk to people is look at India and I just politely say well what is going on in India, have you been there? Get them to realise that the MSM selectively shows what suits their agenda. Point out that they don't show Florida and Texas which are totally back to normal! 

4- People have been EXTREMELY generous with their donations and it's allowed us to do so much such as our AdVan at the weekend in Central London. To post a starter pack out 2nd class medium parcel costs £5.30 and then we have leaflet/poster/sticker costs etc so the postage bill is adding up! We ask that people only give what they can and you can either donate below or purchase badges/merchandise from the shop with all proceeds going to the campaign.

I can assure you that as a small team we are truly putting our heart and soul into this and I can tell that so many of you are doing the same. This is why we will win, because we care and because we are right! 

Kind Regards,

David Clews

PS If you email and I am unable to reply its because we get so many in a day so please don't get too despondent! 






David Clews


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