I wanted to get in touch to clarify a few points as many of our supporters have been in touch around the issue of Covid vaccination of Children under the age of 18 and where we stand on this. 

We formed the No More Lockdowns campaign in order to fight for the repeal of the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the dictatorial power that it brings. Likewise we are vehemently opposed to the introduction of 'vaxx passports' where people have to prove their health in order to go about their daily lives.

On the issue of vaccinations it has always been our position that all adults must be able to make an informed choice and have a balance of opinions before undertaking any medical procedure. This is what happens in a civilised and democratic society. 

I hate to always have to say this but I have had my vaccines as a child as have my family but have always respected others decisions if they decided to opt out of this for their children. However neither I nor my family will be taking the current Covid 19 vaccinations due to a variety of reasons.

What absolutely appalls me is the way in which the MSM as well as the Government have launched a campaign to say that it is somehow 'unpatriotic' or 'selfish' not to take the Covid19 jab. This is truly disgusting and in contravention of all medical codes of ethics.

The British Medical Journal has now published a blog post on their website which argues that: “Covid vaccines for children should not get emergency use authorization”. 

This blog post was published on behalf of Wesley Pegden, Vinay Prasad, and Stefan Baral. This blog post has argued that whilst the “rapid development of highly effective covid-19 vaccines is a triumph of science” emergency use authorisation should not be granted for children due to the “likelihood of severe outcomes or death associated with covid-19 infection is very low for children, undermining the appropriateness of an emergency use authorization for child covid-19 vaccine”. 

The BMJ blog goes on to state that in order a vaccine to be given emergency use authorisation it should be required that “an intervention address a serious or life-threatening condition, and for known and potential benefits of the intervention to be balanced against the known and potential harms.”. The blog post argues that at the current time, this is not the case. 

We agree 100% with this stance published in the BMJ and we would hope all parents in this extremely sensitive issue will take a fully informed decision on this. Unlike the MSM or the Government we will not coerce parents into anything or shame parents for their decisions on this. We would ask that parents do make any decision on your families based on ALL the facts and not just those presented by the state or the MSM. This really does get to the crux of who makes the best decision for their families, the state or the families themselves? Of course we all know that families are to be far more trusted than any government or bureaucracy.

Over the next few days we are going to be doing another fundraising drive as we have sent out a great deal of starter packs and we have exhausted our previous budget so we hope you might support us with either a donation or a badge but of course your involvement and support in anyway is welcomed.

Kind Regards,

David Clews

David Clews


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