Hello David,

We have a lot to get through and we need you to play your part so stay with us and you need to read in full with full instructions on how to get campaign packs. Please don't email me asking for them as I am not handling the logistics of it.

After the massive success of our yellow boards & leafletting campaign in raising awareness for jab risks for children, child exemption cards & legal notices of liability we must now campaign on something that affects ALL of us regardless of age and vaxx status.

Where I am in Scotland and also in Wales the dictatorships of Sturgeon and Drakeford are proceeding to ensure medical apartheid is extended to all aspects of our lives. This is perfect for the Johnson regime as they will soon launch plan B with vaxx passports then in place across the whole of mainland GB. NI is a separate issue, certain groups not too happy about being kept an eye on which gives you food for thought! Studies from Scotland and Wales have shown that businesses are suffering badly as a result of these measures so they have to realise that if they go along with it they are going out of business anyway!


So what can we do about this? Well as ever we have to be realistic, we are fighting a guerrilla campaign against an overwhelming force of money, propaganda and coercion. I feel that the best way is continuing to empower local groups and local businesses across the country to show that they will not accept medical apartheid but I need your help David.

So as ever we need three things to make this possible, you can get involved in all three ways or just one but they are all equally as important. These three things are time, talents & treasure and I know as a community we are all filled with lots of talent :)! So in terms of time we need people to volunteer to put these in their shop windows or go round with colleagues to local businesses. In terms of talent you need to come up with what you feel is the best way to empower businesses to make the right decision and in terms of treasure this is going to cost a pretty penny in printing and postage so as ever we need your help with ALL money going towards direct campaigning! 

So what we have done is working with our amazing distribution guru Darren Parker from his base is created two types of campaign packs. This is a big logistical effort and we are still waiting on leaflets from the printers but we would hope to have all packs out by the end of November/beginning December.

The first is if you are a business who would like a pack in order to get the expensive A3 Do Not Discriminate sticky front window ones as well as a handful of the A4 posters kindly made up by Roger Smith below, no vaxx passport leaflets and also leaflets we are getting printed to encourage other businesses you know to stay open and accessible.    

The second pack is for you and any of your colleagues who want to be able to go round local areas and you can drop some literature in or try and have a chat with them about why it is good for businesses not to discriminate and why they need to stay open in case the regime tries to lock us down again. In this pack we will give around 50-75 of the posters above, a couple of the expensive ones and a variety of different leaflets that you can use. 

As ever if you want to print all the images off yourself then please of course feel free to do so.

If you would like a BUSINESS PACK please email [email protected] with the subject line BUSINESS PACK along with your full name and address and we will get this posted out ASAP.

If you would like a VOLUNTEER PACK please email [email protected] with the subject line VOLUNTEER PACK and we will get this posted out ASAP.

With all our initiatives like this there is no charge as very generous donors always make it possible for our volunteers to put the hard work in.

So in terms of printing costs for the expensive posters & all the leaflets it will be around £3000 while sending out the packs is about £5 a time. Thanks to the generosity of our donors we have always been able to get previous packs out to anyone who wanted one so if you can donate to this very important initiative please do so here now: 

What we then need over the next few weeks is for everyone to email in pictures or videos of businesses that are staying open to [email protected] and we will do our best to promote them all on our extensive social media channels. You can also @ us with these on our Twitter page.

There are already websites where businesses can register their opposition to this but the most important thing for us is to ensure that businesses can visually say they are non-discriminatory and as ever empower local, grassroots groups to take action against this tyranny!

I will e-mail more over the next few days and as ever keep fighting back!


David Clews


No More Lockdowns!