When I wrote to you last night I never imagined for a minute the events that would unfold today! Sorry if I have been unable to reply but my inbox is choc-full! As I said Hancock is the weak link in this and of course there is so much more to today's events than meets the eye. Who leaked this footage is one for a start and likewise surely the security services would have known about this affair as well?

Regardless of all of that Liar Johnson has now said the matter is closed and he has moved on. Well we the people certainly have not and will not!

There really is only one solution to this problem and that is that Matt Hancock is placed under immediate arrest for breaking his own rules and then appears before an International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. If Hancock cracks then he will pull the rest of the cabal down with him!

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I was going to wait to announce this in the next week after the big rally tomorrow, which I will be covering live from 13:00 on dlive.tv/unitynews, but from the 19th to the 21st of July before Parliament goes into recess we will be having a presence outside Parliament and then on the 21st we have something very special planned before PMQ's but I need your help for this.

We are going to get two GIANT banners printed up as well as many posters for the day and being completely honest we have spent every penny we have on all our recent events! What I need you to do as well is take the day off work on the 21st and come down and join me outside Parliament where we need some serious numbers out. Again if you are physically unable to attend do not worry I value your support just as much! 

As you can see above we just spent another £578 on leaflets as well as thousands on all our posters and postage of everything recently. I can assure you that all our money goes into direct campaigning and you can see exactly where this goes with all our hard work. If you have supported us already or you cannot afford to please don't worry we really appreciate it! If you can chip in to help with this upcoming campaign then I can assure you we will make a big impact!

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I am also pleased to announce that I will be now be organising events in Inverness in the North of Scotland (date TBC) and also Cardiff in Wales on the 7th of August and most likely Llandudno as well. These areas really need a bit of support to get the ball rolling and if we put the full weight of our campaign behind events we should be able to get some numbers out.

I close this email with a simple message, Matt Hancock needs arrested and he needs arrested RIGHT NOW!


David Clews


No More Lockdowns!