I do not claim to have a crystal ball but did we not all say that once Flop26 was out of the way the hysteria would begin once again? Isn't it also amazing that this supposedly 'new variant' has just appeared on the scene despite the fact that Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum were talking about this back in June?

On to matter of importance before I elaborate further on this our campaign of empowering businesses & volunteers to say no to medical apartheid and any further lockdowns has been a massive success. This is a photo of the volunteer packs sent out just yesterday by our colleague Darren who has done a brilliant job of doing so:



As you can see below it costs £5.30 each time to get these out and we have done around 500 of these packs so if you can chip in above it would be greatly appreciated as we want to be able to buy more of the signs for the shops and get these out to volunteers across the UK but at the moment we have exhausted all our funds on this.

So Boris is making an announcement at 5pm, what should we expect? Well expect more Chris Whitty slides and leading questions from establishment plant organisations as they head towards 'Plan B'. The next step in my opinion will be a full national lockdown in January. The only way we defeat this is through massive civil disobedience and resistance. Like the fantastic Cinema & Co in Swansea businesses en masse must continue to stay open and we as individuals must also go about our everyday lives. If they call a nationwide lockdown we must mobilise in vast numbers in every town and city across the UK and say that NO we will not accept this any longer. As ever the question remains as to how many people will join us!

Kind Regards,

David Clews

David Clews


No More Lockdowns!