I was really privileged to be out yesterday amongst the good people of Newcastle as we said NO to the Covid regime. The most striking thing again for me was the big mix of those in attendance and also that there was mostly women out. I asked during my speech a question as to where have all the real men of this country gone especially those in positions of power and authority who are just sitting back and accepting this? Its really simple, anyone who is in a position of influence and authority who is not supporting the pro-freedom movement is complicit with their silence. 

There were a great deal of other events in Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Bournemouth and more and as I have said from the outset now is the time to make friends and build networks of support across the country. The state will want to keep these emergency powers beyond September and that is when we will have to put MILLIONS out in the towns and cities across this country and say that we will not put up with this anymore. Even based on their highly questionable PCR tests each day sees but a handful of deaths out of a nation of 68 MILLION PEOPLE! How on earth can the masses still think these restrictions are justified? People have been hypnotised or they just don't care or dare I say it they are just a bit THICK! 

For those of you who have been watching our UNN shows we have been talking about the threat of inflation, if not hyper-inflation, for well over a year and now some MSM commentators are starting to talk about this as well. We are heading for an economic crash and in fact we are already in one. Shops, restaurants, hotels, small businesses and more stand closed or nearly empty yet we are supposed to believe Sunak that our economy is booming?! We are sick of being lied to and patronised by the state and their MSM propagandists. I really despair for this country but I will not give up fighting because there are still plenty of good people out there like you David.

I will be live tonight from 7pm reviewing the weekend and how we move forward so as ever please join me here or you can catch up the next day under replays: https://dlive.tv/unitynews


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David Clews


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