There is a great deal to be angry about right now. It looks like they will be bringing in Vaxx Passports by the backdoor as the 19th of July is another fake freedom day. Likewise the startling news out of France that mandatory vaxxes for all citizens is now a serious prospect.

However, it really is at the darkest of times that we find our voices. You may have seen the videos doing the rounds of Mark Sexton calling for people to report en masse the crimes against humanity taking place. There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes and we are delighted to support this fantastic initiative by Mark and the accompanying rally outside Parliament on the 19th of July that will start three days of direct action as MPs are sitting. For all the information about this and how to go about making your complaints to the Police please CLICK HERE NOW and follow all the instructions.

I will be travelling down to London on the 19th of July and then will be outside Parliament all day from 11am on the 20th and then we have some VERY SPECIAL things planned for Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday the 21st from 11am so please join us then if you can but we will be updating our social media channels throughout the day if you cannot manage! As ever our actions will be peaceful yet assertive and we have some very hard hitting messages that will be put across! 


One of the issues that we face and are acutely aware of is censorship after our UNN News Channel was removed from YouTube. To that end we have invested significantly in our ability to be able to keep sending out emails as well as uploading our interviews & shows on free speech platforms. You can find all of these below and I suggest you join us there as well as all of the other freedom fighters who are denied a voice from the 'mainstream'.

I am also now please to announce that I will be organising seed & motivation rallies in Cardiff on Saturday the 7th of August and Inverness on Saturday the 21st of August. I am hopeful these days will act as catalysts for even more in these areas and people to meet up so if you are in those areas please put the dates aside and come and say hello!

Let's keep going together,










David Clews


No More Lockdowns!