A huge thanks to the many of you who have supported our campaign so far and well done to all of you handing out leaflets, stickers & posters across the UK. We have sent out nearly 500 starter packs for individuals and teams which is a fantastic start. As you can see above I will personally be down at both the Crucible in Sheffield and Wembley Stadium over the weekend to let it be known we will not tolerate medical segregation in order for people to be allowed to enjoy themselves. If you are local and able to come along please do so, there are other groups coming along and we will be meeting at the main entrances to these venues and I have plenty of posters & leaflets for people to hand out. We will keep you up to date on the day below on Telegram. We have nearly hit stage 1 of our crowdfunder which is amazing so if you haven't already please chip in what you can below now (Our badges are now being delivered and if you want to purchase one please scroll down to the bottom of the e-mail): 

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On the 24th of April is then the big march for London and we will have volunteers on the day who are kindly handing out leaflets and posters, my colleague Oliver Down will be there and I will be live covering the events of the day. This will hopefully see us reach a tipping point of public opinion and I will then be organising speaking events at cities across the UK in the coming weeks. We really have so much energy behind this and after the liar-in-chief's comments on Tuesday it looks likely they will attempt to extend the Coronavirus Act 2020 in September and impose another lockdown, together we will not let this happen. It has been amusing to see all those supposedly 'lockdown sceptics' who pushed the official narrative that the 'vaccine programme' was the key to freedom now being left utterly bemused by it all. They don't realise this is all part of a bigger plan and is being done on purpose!

We will not live in a Chinese Communist style dictatorship, we will not have to prove our health status and we will fight for fairness and tolerance, am I right?!

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So we are now in a state of limbo with the vaxx-passports and we have already shown what pressure we can bring on smaller organisations to make the right decision. It is fantastic news that nearly 1000 Christian Leaders and 60 major hospitality companies have called out these apartheid passports for what they are whilst the EHRC has also said they are completely discriminatory. 

I am 100% confident we will win this and it is so important you play your part to say you were there. All the companies to lobby as well as templates to be sent can be found here:  https://www.nomorelockdowns.uk/updates

Each day you have to say to yourself what more could I have done to fight for freedom? Whether it's that extra e-mail sent, extra leaflet delivered or share on social media as long as you go to your bed at night knowing you played your part then you are truly part of the resistance!

Onwards to freedom!


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David Clews


No More Lockdowns!