PLEASE SEND THIS IMMEDIATELY via e-mail and or post to anyone you think with ANY involvement with the rollout of jabs to healthy 12 to 15 year olds. This can range from CMO's, The PM, The Health Secretary to headmasters/teachers/healthcare workers and any venues that will be facilitating this. Even the janitor opening the door to these venues or ANYONE facilitating this in any way no matter how small can be held CRIMINALLY responsible should anything happen to a healthy child.


You can send this is as an individual/parent(s)/guardian(s)/group(s)

All sections in RED please amend accordingly, we will next send out a generic one that can be handed to anyone you feel is involved and you can then take their name and details for future criminal trials.



Your Name and Address                                                                             

Name & Address of Recipient     



Re: Cease and desist demand 

Dear ______________________: 


I/We believe that you are involved in either the decision making or practical elements in the rolling out of experimental Pfizer Gene Therapies to children between the ages of 12-15. 


The JCVI has said these are not safe for healthy Children aged 12-15 and the MHRA Yellow Card scheme has already documented over 1600 deaths following 'Covid 19 vaccinations' as well as over 1 million adverse reactions in the UK alone as a result of these jabs. Details can be found here: 


I/We will hold you Name of individual or organisation PERSONALLY & CRIMINALLY responsible should any harm come to a child as a result of your actions. I/We have made you aware of the adverse reactions on the Yellow Card scheme and you will not be able to use ignorance as an excuse for any crimes you may commit as a result of this rollout.  Please be aware that I/We will be pursuing this at both a UK level and additionally as an international crime against humanity which will then proceed to international trials. 


This will serve as your legal notice to cease and I/We require you to desist IMMEDIATELY all further actions in relation to the jab rollout for healthy 12-15 year olds described above. Saying you were 'just obeying orders' is not an excuse! 


I/We may use telephone recording devices to document any telephone conversations that I/We may have in the future if you fail to comply with this cease-and-desist letter. You are hereby instructed to comply with this letter IMMEDIATELY or face legal sanctions under applicable law. I/We intend to keep a log of any contacts you make with me after you receive this letter. 


Please give this very important matter your utmost attention. 




Name of Sender 

David Clews


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