We are now dealing with a rogue and criminal regimes. All this week I have been speaking with many concerned lawyers, barristers, charities, activists and more and I am now pleased to say that the first High Court Injunction to defend our kids is ready to go. As you can see below I have personally donated £2500 from additional donations raised over the last few weeks. This is on top of over £2500 spent on getting our cease and desist leaflets posted out so to all our recent donors thank you!

We will all have to dig deep over the next few weeks as there are more cases coming up and we have to expose the regime for the criminals that they truly are. This first case is being raised by the Consent Charity who are good people and supported by a top team of barristers and QC's. So please if you can even spare £5 help them below now.


I am travelling to London overnight on the bus on Sunday and on Monday I will hopefully be meeting with Kate Shemirani & Anna De Buisseret and we will update you on the other legal cases when we can.

Join me tonight LIVE on dlive.tv/unitynews for more information about this and our battle of good vs evil.

Kind Regards,


David Clews

David Clews


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