The cabal really does think we are stupid but guess what we are NOT! All this nonsense about July 19th being total freedom, even though it was supposed to be June 21st, and the talk is that only vaccinated people will receive privileges whilst Serco gets a contract worth hundreds of millions to keep testing going! To discuss this tonight on my show will be David Kurten, a true freedom fighter so please join me from 8pm on

The truth of the matter is that the only way out of this is to see those behind this farce get justice. Can we rely on our current judiciary to do this no of course we can't. As I keep drumming into people the only way we can win this is if we hit a tipping point of millions of people who are wanting this to end and demanding justice. Throughout this campaign I have never offered people false hope or nonsense. I have always said it is going to take everybody doing their bit and I am so proud of all our volunteers, all of you displaying stickers/posters, leafletters and also social media warriors sharing the message.


I have been liaising with other groups, many of whom we have supported with posters & leaflets, and we will see a presence outside Parliament on the 19th, 20th & 21st of July before the MP's go off on holiday. I will personally be down on the 20th and on the 21st and thanks to all our very generous donors we have some VERY special things planned for the 21st, which is the last Prime Ministers Questions, that I am sure will gain plenty of attention and send a clear message that we demand an immediate end to these restrictions and trials to commence immediately.

As you can see above we have had some excellent new imagery made and these are available to those who donate within the next two weeks and we will then open this up to the wider public. These are A4 sized posters that can be stuck on walls (in your own homes of course ;))

The sticky posters alone cost us £3 each to make as they are high quality and we are getting large corex boards, t-shirts for the 21st as well as some other things that I would love to tell you about but in the current circumstances it is best to keep it under wraps. Please David if you physically and financially can come along to Parliament on the 21st you will not regret it! 

EVERY PENNY we receive goes on direct campaigning meaning we can make up even more posters etc so if you can help David please click below now:


If you have donated previously please do not feel under pressure to do so again and all we can say is thank you as! We still have a bit of backlog of stuff to get out for previous donors so if you are waiting we should have all this out by the end of the week. Moving forward, depending on funds raised, we will send out as many of these posters as possible to those who want them and likewise our Safety Cards for parents to give kids over testing and vaccines should also be available from next week. Feel free to download the posters and print them off if you like as well! As ever all of our materials are completely copyright free for people to use as we want to win as much as you do! 

Thanks again for all your help and together we can do this! 



David Clews


No More Lockdowns!