Dear uk,

Hopefully you will have heard my phone call with James Whale of Talk Radio last night where he exposed himself as the MSM shill that he really is by hanging up straight away before any debate. We also got him trending on Twitter and as the show went on they actually backtracked on their comments. People in the media like Whale, Tom Harwood, James O'Brien and so many more need to know that we will not tolerate their bullying and attacks on us.

We are not second class citizens in this country!

As you can see above we have two days of action planned to empower local communities distributing posters, leaflets, campaign tools and more. I do need some help though uk. Can I also just say if you already support us or you are struggling financially please do not feel compelled to give. You can support us in so many other ways as well like sharing on social media and spreading the word!


One aspect of keeping in touch with you involves regularly emailing out and we have tens of thousands of people registered for this. As you can see below this is our most recent invoice and unfortunately to do this in a professional and data compliant way it doesn't come cheap! 

We are also delighted to say that we are in the process of getting new posters made up for our rallies in Wales and Scotland and these can then be kept down there by the volunteers for future events and they look great! 


As you can see above this is our latest invoice as well just for these posters but they are extremely popular and it is great to see so many of them out and about now. Unlike political parties or big organisations we do not take a penny from big donors or corporate interests. So many of you have been so generous and hopefully we have shown you that all of this goes into direct campaigning and isn't wasted on frivolous nonsense. So if you can uk please click below and support us now:


We are going to keep fighting until we win! 

Kind Regards,


David Clews

David Clews


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