We must keep fighting for kids in this country and around the world. To that end we have produced the above leaflet and the feedback we have had so far has been excellent as it took a long time to get right.

We have just placed an initial order of 100,000 leaflets but are aiming for 250,000 depending on donations. It is double sided on A4 size, clear and easy to read, 100% accurate and is something that can easily be handed to fellow parents at the school gates or through letter boxes or however you think best. 

We estimate it will be around £5000 to get 100,000 printed and posted out across the UK. Every penny we get goes into direct campaigning and we do this in a way that no one is left out but that means we rely on people's generosity so please if you can click below now and chip in:


We are able to offer you these in sets of 200 or a box of around 1500. It is actually hard to get a printer right now because of all the fuel shortages but we will try and get these out ASAP but it might be 14 days for those who don't order straight away and for the larger boxes of 1500 so it is so essential you order these with us now! As with all our materials there are no copyrights so please feel free to print and distribute as well if you wish and there are no costs to anyone who wants them as many of our supporters are struggling just now but they do great work!

To make things as quick as possible please email my colleague Darren on [email protected] with your full name and address please and if you want either 200 (which should be dispatched next week) or 1500.

This jab rollout isn't going to stop at 12 year olds it will soon be down to babies in the womb, we must keep doing what we can to make sure parents take the informed choice for their kids and not what the state mandates.

Kind Regards,


David Clews

David Clews


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