Can we firstly say a massive thanks to everyone who has been playing their part in this campaign. When we launched this we said we wanted a grassroots movement to empower individuals in their communities to take action and to that extent we have had a massive success. 

Sometimes people don't like to hear the message that only we are the answer to this mess and that by everyone doing what they can we can win. At least you know with me I am honest about the challenges we face, so many times over the years I have seen a 'miracle cure' to all the ills and in many cases people profit handsomely off this. We aren't here to sell false hope but the cold hard reality that we the people are the answer.

As intimated we need to reach a tipping point with millions of people not complying with these unjust measures and I do believe this is coming. 

Below are just some of our latest invoices for postage, posters, leaflets stickers etc. The postage for each starter pack is £5.30 for a second class medium parcel and we have sent out 1000+ to date. We now have volunteers helping to get these out so if you would like a starter pack please email [email protected] with your name and address and we will get this out ASAP subject to funds.

Unlike all the 'approved' opposition out there that receive millions in funding from corporations and non-stop MSM coverage we are totally reliant on everyday people chipping in with what they can. Now can we say first of all that people have been extremely generous and we understand that for many of you times are extremely tough so please don't feel under pressure to support us if you cannot. Playing your part on social media and doing what you can is equally as important. We want to keep sending out starter packs to those who want them and then this Saturday in Manchester we will be out with posters and banners, Newcastle the week after and London on the 29th for the major demo there.

The biggest risk we all face is complacency setting in over the summer months and then once we hit the autumn before you know it we will be back in lockdown with vaxx-passports leading to a social credit score system. We CANNOT let this happen! Over the next few days we will be pushing hard for donations and for you to purchase some items with all monies leftover going directly to purchase campaign materials so if you can help please click below now.

We now get so many emails and responses on a daily basis that we can't reply to them all personally but we do try our best and read them all!





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Lets keep going!


David Clews


No More Lockdowns!