On Monday we witnessed the Police & state using their full might to crack down on us peaceful freedom posters as we gathered outside Parliament. As I have viewed even more of the footage upon my return home I have seen even more evidence of unprovoked aggression as well as the true scale of Police presence including the amount of horses, vans and officers they had out.

It has now been announced by organisers that the start point for Saturday's big march in Central London will be from around 13:00 at Hyde Park corner and I do wish all of you attending this the best of luck and we have a huge turnout on the day. NML team members will be on hand to give out free posters on the day as well. 

Moving forward I am extremely concerned as many state puppet ministers are saying they want to give up their masks for good and that the 19th of July will see us 'back to normal'. This is dangerous because it could result in some complacency from our side and the 'illusion' of freedom.

This is just to ensure you that Monday has only served to embolden me even more and I will firstly be speaking at a rally in George Square, Glasgow on the 3rd of July as well as attending a series of events around the final Prime Ministers Questions on the 21st of July outside Parliament before the summer recess. You can see some of our new designs for posters above as well and we have something VERY SPECIAL planned for this to raise awareness and I will be asking for your help on this moving forward. Whilst the whole cabal needs to fall I think we need to really focus on Hancock who appears extremely weak in all of this and could be the first domino to fall.

I am also really keen to organise a large event in Wales and the North of Scotland so if any of you reading this are looped in to the local anti-lockdown scene in these areas please let me know as there hasn't been a great deal there taking place and we can use our profile to raise awareness of these events. 

As ever a huge thanks to all who support us in whatever way they can and we will have all mugs/wristbands/leaflets/starter packs out by the weekend. We still have plenty of badges in stock so please click below now and get you and your families now to support the campaign and if you are struggling because of these lockdowns please email [email protected] with your address and we will get some out to you.

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