Hold the line draws strength from those fighting tyranny in the past. 



Hold The Line is a peaceful gathering of people who have been inspired by an historical event, the iconic Baltic Way, which happened in 1989. 


Many people have had extraordinary struggles with the changes that have occurred to our world over the past 18 months. The Hold the Line concept is designed to help all those people that feel they are being isolated from society, to help them to meet other likeminded thinkers, and to show a peaceful demonstration of just how many have concerns.  


Our freedoms and our choices are being eroded, with ever restrictive government rules being imposed. This movement has come together to offer a peaceful and measurable way in which those that are horrified by the developments, can show just how many disagree with the way humanity seems to be heading. 


Many protests have happened over the past year, and most people are unaware that they have even happened. Mainstream media have not reported on the events, and as such, a high percentage of the population are completely sheltered from many realities. 


Hold the Line has gained attention internationally and will be displayed this coming weekend in 5 different countries, in over 50 cities. It stands for all freethinkers concerned with where the future is going, and who savour their freedoms and autonomy. 



There is no head or ego to this movement, Hold the Line is representative of a growing people’s movement.

David Clews


No More Lockdowns!