As predicted freedom day is an absolute farce. Just this morning Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak were not self isolating but now they are self isolating. We need  grown ups back in charge of this country, people who can make tough decisions and not buckle at the outrage mob on Twitter and from the MSM. To that end I am delighted that many brave people will be gathering tomorrow outside Parliament from 9am for 3 days of action and possibly longer. I will be arriving tomorrow night and then outside Parliament from 11am on Tuesday and also Wednesday so I hope to see as many of you there as possible. 

If you cannot attend it really is so important you play your part as well in sharing the messages, images and videos that we will be posting on Telegram and Twitter and Facebook.

We have some VERY special things planned for Wednesday as well as giving out lots of campaign materials so if you want to contribute to this please CLICK HERE NOW

We have been encouraging everyone to follow the lead of former Police Officer Mark Sexton in filing reports with the Police tomorrow. The article we made on this has gone viral and it contains full instructions on how to go about this and you can get further information by Clicking Here. 

Likewise on tonight's show we will be joined by Vincent Dunmall who will be explaining in full the importance of this so please join as as usual on and then the interview will be uploaded to all our free speech channels that can be found by Clicking Here Now. 

I wish everyone well tomorrow who is doing their bit up and down the country and I am really delighted that this has been so well co-ordinated and organised and it does give me hope for the future!

All the best,

David Clews

We also recommend you Click Here to follow our friends at The Great Reopening Channel who are co-ordinating tomorrow and have big plans to support businesses that wish to fully reopen

David Clews


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