I think it is fair to say that things are really starting to heat up around the world. Mainland Europe saw serious rioting over the medical apartheid being introduced and on World Wide Day for Freedom millions assembled around the globe. As I have always said we need to reach a tipping point to put a stop to all of this and sadly we are still a long, long way from this but I think we have turned the corner and our numbers will only grow from hear.

As you can see above Michael Gunner in The Northern Territory is a WEF stooge, sorry politician, that is completely out of control. He is making Dan Andrews & Jacinda Ardern look measured! The army are now being called in to transport people who have tested positive for 'Covid19' and taking them to quarantine camps. This is literally what supposed 'conspiracy theorists' had been warning about for decades would happen! 



On a slightly more positive note as you can see above our volunteer packs for groups and individuals are ready to be sent out to all who have asked. We have a big backlog of hundreds to get through so hopefully we will be able to upon up to more requests in a couple of weeks. Thanks again to everyone who has volunteered for this and also those who donated to allow us to distribute thousands of quality posters and hundreds of thousands of leaflets on this campaign, doing the basic work is so important. Please remember and get pictures of any shops doing this and then send them to [email protected] and we will share on social media.


Do you remember Kathryn of Neanie Scott in Edinburgh who stood up to Sturgeon's stasi when they tried to shut her down? Well Kathryn is an absolute stalwart and we are proud that she is displaying one of these posters in her shop window. Once again, like Anna Redfern of Cinema & Co in Swansea, it is the brave women of our land putting so many men to shame for their brave stances. Present company of men excluded I think this episode in history will go down as one where so many supposed 'tough guys' ran away and it really is pathetic to see. 



Meanwhile on tonight's show we have a couple of very interesting guests. Dr Bruce Scott is a psychoanalyst while Brian Halliday is a hypnotherapist and they have some fascinating insights into the levels of mind control currently being exerted by the ruling powers so please tune in from 20:00 on https://dlive.tv/unitynews

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Let's keep going!

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