I am absolutely SICKENED by the news tonight that the Welsh Government has given the go ahead for perfectly healthy 5 to 11 year olds to receive the Covid shots. We all know the risks and it is so important we educate parents to make sure that they do not give these to their kids under any circumstances! 

The extremely popular but powerful leaflet above is A4 in size and we are just about to place an order for another 250,000 of these and then proceed to get them sent out across the UK. Please feel free to download the leaflet and print yourselves as well if you are able to. Our volunteer team led by the incredible Darren P stands ready to get these out so we need your help in a few ways. 

Firstly if you are able to volunteer to distribute these we want to hear from you. This can be done alongside friends, family, stand in the park etc and I know many of you have grassroots groups set up.

The most cost effective way for us to send them out is packs of 250ish so if you can please send an email to [email protected] with your full name and address please and for now we can send out a maximum of 2 packs but we will open this up for more in the future so please let us know if you would like 1 pack or 2. Please give us around 7 working days but we will try for ASAP. 




Secondly if you are able to chip in a few pounds towards the postage and distribution costs this really would be greatly appreciated. Of course if you are struggling but want leaflets this is no problem we will send these out but if those who can were able to even stick a few pounds in it would be a big help.

Thirdly I am going to be in touch with the Rebels on Roundabouts and Banners on Bridges groups as well as many more to see if we can organise a national day of action. We cannot just sit back and allow the future of this country to be used as medical guinea pigs or far worse. I am hopeful there will be legal challenges going in as well and I will keep you up to date with everything we are doing.

Kind Regards,


David Clews

David Clews


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