Hopefully you will have seen all our videos from yesterday and whilst obviously disgusted that we had to do this we are pleased that all of the cabal are now on warning with an immediate cease and desist notice and also notice of liability for harm and death. 



As you can see above this 57 page affidavit has now been submitted with my name and address. Now they may actually counter-sue and hold me accountable but I have no qualms about doing this. They can bankrupt me and take me for the little pennies I have, this is about the future of this nation and our children.

The work put in by Anna, Simone Plaut and many more is truly exceptional and I will discuss this more on my show tomorrow night. This piece of work will be displayed and revered as much as the Magna Carta and Independence Day declaration in years to come! 

Please Click Here for a full video of yesterday's affidavit submission and explanation from Anna. 


Our nationwide cease and desist campaign for schools has gained national prominence and seen us all on the receiving end of countless MSM lies, all of us who have done something should be very proud! Please click below to watch us serve notice to Sajid Javid at the Department of Health:


Now being completely honest with you I would like to have seen all these criminals arrested there and then and shipped off for Nuremberg 2.0 but it is my firm belief that unlike these shysters we keep on the right side of the law and stand firm in peaceful truth and justice. 

As you can also see above collectively all our videos from yesterday have had HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of views around the globe. Of course the MSM liars will not pay this the slightest bit of attention but at least now the word is getting as far as it can that the people in charge are liars.

We are fully supporting the Concern Charities High Court Injunction to which many of you have donated and this now has nearly 35k towards this and I will update you fully on this shortly.We are aware of other legal cases going in as well and we offer them our full support.

For too long the regime has dehumanised and humiliated us and now we must do the same to them. You will hopefully have seen that construction workers in Melbourne are rising up and I am in no doubt that moment will come to this country as well. In the meantime we must continue to agitate and destabilise as much as possible. I want these people to wake up in the middle of the night in terror at what they are doing to our children. 

This illegal and illegitimate regime propped up by printed money and a lying MSM will collapse and when that day comes they will be tried accordingly based on all the evidence we have been collating. 

Kind Regards,


David Clews

David Clews


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