The truth is that the whole farce around Covid19 and the fake narrative is starting to fall apart. This means that there will be some good things but also some very bad things as well. In many ways all this shows is that the first stage of the war is over. The wider public are now completely disengaged from most of the scam. The cabal overplayed their hand with 'Omicron' and their desperate rush to get people 'boosted'. Look at the way in which articles are starting to appear saying too many boosters could be bad for your immune system, I mean Never! :) It is my opinion, and of course I may be wrong, but I do not see us going into another lockdown again over Covid19. I also think that over the next few weeks we will see a considerable roll back of restrictions but we cannot be complacent.

So moving forward I will be speaking in Newcastle on the 22nd and I have just placed an order for another 500 posters for the day. Over at UNN we are doing a big restructuring and I am deciding what to do moving forward. Over the last year I think as a team we have proven that we can campaign and succeed on all the major issues. Be in no doubt the cabal have not managed to get away in the UK with what they have managed in other countries around the world and this is only thanks to the resistance we have all put up. It is easy to feel like what does it achieve but look at places like Spain with mask wearing mandatory outdoors or Austria where you are getting fined for not being jabbed as well as Canada, Australia etc. Our situation is completely intolerable but genuinely not as bad as these other countries. 



So we will be doing one last fundraise for No More Lockdowns in order to get all these posters and then in the next few weeks I will be launching a new initiative that I feel is needed more than ever to help at both a UK and a Global level. One of the things we have to do is build a regular source of monthly income for this so I do hope that is something you will be able to support as I have seen first hand the lives devastated by all of this and I get so many people asking for help and advice I want to be able to do more. Why should we all feel powerless when we see the sickening power and influence of The Gates Foundation, The Tony Blair Foundation etc. Why don't we start doing what they do and fighting back except this time on the side of humanity and freedom?

Thanks again for all your hard work and as I keep saying we are on the right side of history and you can hold you head high and say unlike the vast majority you actually stood up to tyranny when it mattered!

Kind Regards,


David Clews

David Clews


No More Lockdowns!