Please bare with me as I have ALOT to talk about and it is all of the utmost importance. As you can see above Mark Harper MP has published the following that has been hidden away in a commons paper and it clearly states they will be deciding what powers to keep through the winter. This is going to continue for YEARS unless we collectively put a stop to it. It has now been announced that 'fully vaccinated' people now won't have to quarantine from Amber list countries, this is full blown medical apartheid now taking place and again the masses just shrug their shoulders?

The entire nation is once again being conned and a huge psyop is taking place around the football. Like any totalitarian regime they blind the masses with bread and circuses and then reward the shills that keep them in power.

How on earth can people not see the hypocrisy of it all when odious creatures like Dr Shillary are social distancing on the TV but then go to a packed Wimbledon?! Last night they were all out in force including David Baddiel and James Corden but just look at the photo Piers Moron posted:

This is the guy having a meltdown 2 days ago about restrictions being lifted yet he is happy to attend an event with 65,000 unmasked people and boast about it? How many suicides and unnecessary deaths have there been yet they still boast about their lives? These people are pathologically sick and either need to be in prison or institutions. 




Whilst these bought and paid for shills are out living the high life our teams at No More Lockdowns and UNN have never been working harder. All the exemption cards are now being posted out as well as packs people asked for and I know many of you are happy to have received these, please be patient with us we will get them all out if you haven't yet! 

Yesterday we had two absolutely outstanding interviews with people who are exposing the truth about what is going on and asking the questions the MSM and shills dare to ask. Our first interview of the day was with Jacqui Deevoy and Gareth Icke who have done such a brilliant job of exposing the Midazolam scandal. It was really an honour to have them on my show and the quality of their probing work cannot be questioned.

As a result of this it really spurred us into taking action to get the message out and I am now pleased to confirm that all our important interviews will be getting uploaded on to Bitchute, Rumble, Odyssey, & BrandNewTube as well as our shows being streamed live on In this instance I would ask you to click the image below now to watch on Bitchute and subscribe to us there and share where you can.

Then at night after our usual show I was humbled to be joined by Jenna Platt, the Nurse who asks questions. Jenna is a truly wonderful and caring human being who has travelled the length and breadth of this country with a sandwich board speaking with people and asking questions. She has been hounded and attacked by the establishment as well as fellow care 'professionals'.

So whilst Piers Moron, Shillary, Boris etc are all living it up in corporate hospitality people like Jenna are going round the country and raising awareness. History will judge Jenna and you David as those who were on the side of truth and justice! The video is being uploaded to all our new channels as we speak but in the meantime you can catch up by Clicking Here Now. 

Meanwhile preparations continue for the demonstrations to be held on the 19th to the 21st of July outside Parliament. I will be outside on the 20th and the 21st for the final PMQ's before Summer Recess and we have some VERY special things planned for the 21st so I hope you will be able to join me from 11am on the day. As you can see below our giant corex boards have arrived in and the message is really pretty simple:


Thanks for reading through to the end David but it really is so important we keep the pressure on for us and the future of humanity!

Keep fighting!

David Clews

PS We get hundreds of emails everyday so if we aren't able to get back to you please don't be upset! :)


David Clews


No More Lockdowns!