As expected it has now been confirmed that the lockdowns will be extended from the 21st of June by the Government but fear not I have BRILLIANT NEWS for you all! As I have said from the outset it really is simple that from the 21st of June everybody just stops complying, businesses re-open, we encourage everyone to take off their masks and live a free, happy and healthy life! What are they going to do arrest and detain millions of people engaging in peaceful protest?

We hold the power not the state or the MSM and that is why on the 21st I encourage as many of you as possible to join me outside Parliament or organise meet up's locally and I am sure there will be plenty more ideas coming out in the next few days to mark this. I will be live at the slightly earlier time of 6pm to cover Johnson's news conference so please join me on then.

One of our supporters sent me over a card that parents had been giving out to their Children in the USA and thanks to all our very generous supporters we are getting these made up in bank card style with an area for parents to sign on the back. In the meantime if you wished you can download and sign this and of course educate your children to be able to confidently say that they do not consent either just in case of attempted coercion. Over the next few weeks we will come up with a system to try and get as many of these out as possible to parents or guardians who want them.

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated over the last few days and we will be getting your wristbands/fridge magnets/mugs out hopefully this week and just to say today is the last day we will be taking donations for these so please click below now if you want some. If you want a starter pack of leaflets/posters & stickers please email my colleague Darren on [email protected] and we will try our best to get these out ASAP again depending on resources and there is no cost for these.

Today is a day for celebration and not to be downcast. Let's make sure from the 21st of June the message rings out across the UK that we no longer comply!

Kind Regards,


David Clews


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PS. A huge thanks to everyone who has donated and we will get your goodies out ASAP. On the 21st of June I will be bringing along 50 free t-shirts as well as thousands of leaflets and posters thanks to your support!

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David Clews


No More Lockdowns!