Have you heard about these dangerous 'anti-vaxxer extremists' lurking on social media and terrifying poor companies? Well Scott just take a look at some of these laughing, smiling dangers to society above! A huge well done to everyone who came out today in Sheffield to take part and all those who made it happen through donations and sharing. (Big thanks to Lance Burkitt for the images)

As you can see above again the BBC is smearing and lying about us without directly naming me or the normorelockdowns.uk campaign. The reason being we would force an immediate retraction and most likely win substantial damages from them for their lies so they don't even name us. Most of you will know me and my measured and considered analysis of the situation and this is what they think of us. Despicable! 

On a happier note today was a MASSIVE success as many people came from afar to turnout at The Crucible. 

What was really noticeable was the way in which the event was policed, they never even came over and spoke to us once! It really does make you think that perhaps the narrative is shifting on all of this and they know that we are the ones that are in the right. The whole premise of today was farcical. People had to show a PHOTO of a negative Covid test to attend the snooker today and of course this could have been open to abuse. It was not a proper clinical trial in any way shape or form and like so much of this farce it is window dressing for the masses. So tomorrow I travel down again to Wembley to meet up with many of you and other groups so I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Just remember we are the normal ones!


All the best!

David Clews

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David Clews


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