The JCVI have said a resounding NO to Jabs for 12-15 year olds. They have said that there is no longterm data and that the benefits outweigh the risks and many of the Professors have highlighted the significant risk of myocarditis/heart inflammation.


As we all know this is completely political and Chris Whitty has been instructed by his paymasters to rule against the science and overrule this decision. This really is a declaration of war on the British People by the regime.

Many of you will have heard my interview with Anna De Buisseret or seen the incredible footage of her taking the battle directly to the Police and those responsible for this. Along with Kate Shemirani they managed to wake many up on the grounds that they are in the process of committing a crime against humanity and WILL be held liable. The videos of Anna have been seen by MILLIONS of people around the globe. 

I can now reveal that Anna and many others have been doing an INCREDIBLE amount of work behind the scenes and we all must dig deep to support them. 

Anna and her team have compiled an incredible list of documents and resources in order for us all to make schools/headmasters/councils & more aware they will be held responsible for these crimes and will face arrest. 

We are providing the initial financial support to get this website up and running and we will be creating social media channels and then this legal campaign will be completely stand alone and do it's own crowdfunding but my skillset is helping gather all this together and get it up and running. I will then act as an advisor to the campaign but Anna and her team will be the true force behind it. 

Unlike many other legal avenues being used this will use all the elements of Traditional as well as Common Law, of which Anna is an expert, and also the Christian & Moral rooting the laws of this land were established in. 

They have assembled an excellent team of legal & political minds, all of who who have done this for nothing. Many of you had been in touch over the last couple of weeks asking to donate but I said to hold back as this was being worked on behind the scenes but it is now ready to go.

If you can help with the start up costs of this then please click below now:


We are hoping to launch ASAP and I will have Anna on the show tonight on from 19:30 to discuss this as well. We must FIGHT for our children!

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David Clews



Watch my ELECTRIC interview with Anna by Clicking Below now: 



David Clews


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