The Guido Fawkes blog has just revealed the following:

Guido can reveal the government has conducted secret trials of Covid passports at a hospital in Kettering and Heathrow airport. An NHSX document seen by Guido reveals the first domestic trial of “COVID Status Certification” took place at the Kettering General Hospital, featured 12 staff members and ran over a period of four days, beginning on the 19th April. A separate trial also occurred at Heathrow airport. The trials are no longer under the control of DCMS, who had been running the Events Research Programme…

The trial attempted to replicate the “experience of using status certification to enter a venue”, allowing the government to:

“start to test data feeds, points of contact, user experience, user research and live feedback”.

The inclusion of just 12 members of staff was supposedly to allow NHSX to test the certificates “in a lower profile setting and at a scale appropriate for the stage of the programme”.

Confirming the story, DHSC say “Use of the NHS App is being considered as part of the digital route, and Kettering General Hospital tested this potential technology” Guido’s fingers are crossed NHSX manage this time to pull of a successful NHS app…


How on earth can we be in a situation where a HOSPITAL, a place meant to treat people, is engaging in medical aprtheid?! Likewise Heathrow Airport where thousands of people are still flying into the UK every single day?


Full publicly contact details for both below and please politely inform them this will not be tolerated.

Kettering Hospital:


FAO The Chief Executive

[email protected]


Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Rothwell Road
NN16 8UZ

Heathrow Airport:

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