It has been brought to my attention that there is a company out there actually prepared to profit out of medical apartheid! Can you actually believe in 2021 this is possible?

This company also appears to be employing a former Government minister as their 'Government-project Lead'. With all this Greensill stuff going on is this acceptable?

On their website their 'solution' is:

The V-Health Passport™ is a simple to use I.D system that can display various health status’ about the passport holder in the most secure way.

VHealth Scan permissions also allow other items to be viewed from the issued Passport such as travel and event tickets.

Once the public user has registered their details via the V-Health Passport™ portal or mobile phone application (available on both Android and iOS), they can request an appointment with their nearest test centre via the V-Health Platform™


You can politely send them a message below that it is not ethical to profit from apartheid and that you will be keeping a close eye on their profits and their government contracts as well as business conduct. You can explain to them that rightly many businesses were boycotted and picketed over their links to Apartheid in South Africa and we would hope they use their talents towards ending discrimination rather than supporting it over the coming weeks and months:

David Clews


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