First things first if you are near Cardiff this weekend please come along and say hello, we have plenty of campaign materials to give away thanks to our generous donors and some excellent speakers so it should be a good day from 2pm at the Welsh Parliament.

Secondly, I am delighted to say that thanks to some very generous supporters we have now made a start on producing the excellent large roadside placards that were used to great effect in New Zealand to make sure teenagers and their parents are making fully informed choices about the 'vaccination rollout'. We already have teams in place and ready to go in Salisbury, Bristol, Glasgow & Birmingham and we want to get even more made up so you can chip in to this by clicking below and you can also click the image to watch the mock ups being made. 




We are going to get these sent out ASAP and have an immediate target of ten teams across the UK with the average cost of getting the posters all made up and distributed about £150. Of course depending on funds we can get many more out. 

There is a dedicated Telegram Group we are happy to be supporting called the Rebels on Roundabouts and you can find all the information about these to take part and also roadside events here:

Last night's show with the top Lawyer Anna De Buisseret was absolutely electric and we had 2300+ live viewers making it easily the most watched online news show in the UK. If you haven't already please click the image below to catch up.

Thanks again for all your support and now really is the time we remain focused and disciplined.

Kind Regards,

David Clews

David Clews


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