On Saturday night we broke the story that the Government signed a £320million media ad buy contract until March 2022 for 'Covid19' advertising. The story has now gone viral but for me this emphasises two absolutely crucial things. Firstly, it shows that they intend this to be going on until March 2022 and as we heard from the weekend Dominic Raab said facemasks etc. will remain. Secondly, it shows that we no longer have an impartial media in this country. Without state funded advertising nearly the entire MSM would go bust, therefore they are merely propaganda outlets. This should concern anyone who believes in a free and fair press.

This is a two fold battle and one that we are playing a crucial role in. Through UNN we can continue to publish articles and broadcast our shows to inform people while the nomorelockdowns.uk campaign empowers grassroots action against this tyranny.

On a far more positive note it was an incredible weekend of grassroots activism once again with thousands out across the UK in small events and also larger events in Edinburgh and Liverpool. I met so many fantastic people in Edinburgh and many of you who get my emails so it was truly energising to know that we are making a difference. You can watch my short speech from the rally by clicking the image below now:

Despite the censorship we face last night's show was absolutely fantastic and we continue to get record numbers of viewers. On tonight's show we will be joined by David Katz of freedomisrael.org from 9pm and this will be excellent to catch up with David on the terrible events unfolding in Israel.

Click Here and subscribe for notifications on Dlive and you can also watch without an account on your browser at dlive.tv/unitynews. 

We are still working through our backlog of starter packs of leaflets and posters but the good news is that we now have some trusted volunteers who will be helping as well so we should have these all out within the next couple of weeks and we can then take request for more after that. We have a page where you can download all our leaflets and posters if you wanted to print yourself and you can access this by clicking here now. 

The 15th and 29th of May are set to be big days for activism and it looks like a rally is also being organised in Newcastle for the 22nd that I would hope to attend as well so we will keep you updated nearer the time.

If you haven't already please be sure that you are connected with us on:







Thanks again for all your support and hard work together united we will be back to normal and see justice served on all those who have presided over this.

Kind Regards,

David Clews


David Clews


No More Lockdowns!